MonitorGO is a personal alarm solution with a range of features never seen before in a single telehealth device.

It allows older people to stay in their own homes for longer and retain their independence.

About MonitorGo

MonitorGO is a unique personal alarm that is like a pendant device but works everywhere and does much more. It is a combination of bespoke software and a smartphone device. Using the advanced technology of a smartphone it resolves many key issues of other personal alarms by offering full mobility, fall detection, unconsciousness alert and GPS location finding.

It can be set up within 24 hours and is suitable for the housebound as well as those who are still active.

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Alarm Raising

Summon assistance from a personal contact or the 24 hour call centre at the touch of a button.

Fall Detection

The device detects a fall and can trigger an alert even if the user is unconscious.

Unconsciousness Alert

Fixed periods of inactivity trigger the unconsciousness alert. If the user does not respond, an alarm will be raised.

Full Mobility

The device is fully functional anywhere with a mobile phone signal, meaning users are not restricted to their homes.

24 Hour Call Centre

Able to access a 24 hour call centre so help is always available. Automatic alerts always default to the call centre.

Mobile Phone Functionality

Being a smartphone, the device can still be used to make and receive calls.

False Alarm Prevention

The device has built in failsafes that help prevent alarms being triggered accidentally.

Benefits to Organisations

  • Performs a range of functions that would usually have to be provided for in separate devices
  • Can be set up within 24 hours, allowing for patients to return home from hospital or other care much sooner
  • Minimises injury by allowing help to reach patients faster
  • Can be combined with telehealth software to offer a complete solution

Benefits for Patients

  • Easy to use
  • Can allow them to stay in their own home for longer
  • Can be used both in the home and outside it
  • Offers peace of mind to users as well as their family and friends that they have a 'safety net'
  • No attached stigma
  • Allows help to reach them faster in the event of an incident

What's included

MonitorGo Device

MonitorGo Device