HomePod enables people to be monitored for health changes from where they live.

Making it possible for those with long term conditions to have less frequent unplanned contact with health services.

About HomePod

The HomePod is a significantly enhanced means of enabling and supporting patients to self-monitor their long term condition. It would be suitable for use in early discharge or virtual ward schemes, or for the delivery of rehabilitation programmes.

HomePod is a Telehealth solution deployed all across the UK, and Telehealth Solutions offer a range of services to support the management of long term conditions.

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What is Telehealth



Educational resources can be available for patients via embedded videos or make use of video conferencing to provide classes for multiple patients.


Patient’s protocols are fully customisable by the clinicians and can be remotely updated at any time facilitating personalised care plans.


No information is stored on the HomePod itself and data is securely transferred to a server behind the NHS N3 firewall.

Easy to Use

Easy to Use - HomePod is an intuitive 10” touch-screen device with large text and graphic display. The optional audio feature can replay vocal clips to ensure that people with visual impairment or low literacy levels can still use the system.


The web portal allows you to securely check and add records on a smart device wherever you are.


Secure video conferencing now enables one-to-one tele-consultations.

Easy to Deploy

The HomePod can be deployed straight out of the box due to automatic pairing, registration and signal optimiser features. The HomePod uses wireless and Bluetooth technology so can be conveniently and discreetly located in the home and easily moved.

Benefits to Organisations

  • Saves GP Practices and Hospitals resources as patients are remotely monitored
  • Enables clinicians to review trends in patients' health
  • Decline in patients' health can be identified and enables early intervention 
  • Clinicians can use their expertise with patients who need face-to-face care

Benefits for Patients

  • Patients can stay at home longer/leave hospital sooner as they can be monitored at home
  • Improves patients' health
  • Exacerbations can be reduced with early intervention
  • Patient becomes expert in their own disease
  • Gives people confidence to manage their own condition

What's included

Samsung Tablet

Samsung Tablet

Weighing Scales AD-6121A

Weighing Scales AD-6121A

Blood Pressure Monitor

Blood Pressure Monitor

Pulse Oximeter

Pulse Oximeter


FORA IR21 Series Thermometer