HealthCheckPod provides a portable touchscreen tablet and Bluetooth clinically approved peripherals which include weighing scales, blood pressure machine, thermometer and pulse/oximeter.

About HealthCheckPod

This process is designed to improve use of valuable clinician time.

Patients are presented with a printed copy of their Health Check Summary at the end of the process.

The Health Check Summary includes the patients QRisk score which is automatically calculated as part of the clinical protocol which references the QRisk algorithm.

Advice and guidance is offered to patients regarding lifestyle choices and how changes could improve their health and wellbeing and their overall QRisk score.

Benefits to Organisations

  • Improves use of valuable Clinician time
  • Enables Clinicians to review trends in patients’ health and offer any advice and guidance regarding lifestyle choices
  • Gives GP Practice’s access to patients’ data instantly

Benefits for Patients

  • Improves patients health by giving them access to advice and guidance from Clinician
  • Gives patient the confidence to monitor their own health
  • Interactive and simple to use

Who Benefits?

  • Patients
  • GP Practices
  • Clinicians