Digital Centre of Excellence

Technological innovation is a powerful tool for improving healthcare.

Due to Microtech’s services and support infrastructure forming an integral part of NHS Scotland’s IT strategy, Microtech are shaping our future strategies around this. As part of Microtech’s strategic roadmap we created an internal centre of excellence for software development and design.

About Digital Centre of Excellence

Telemedicine is an emerging health opportunity.

The project focused on creating a unique set of resources bringing together a wide skillset of software development topologies to deliver outcomes relating to telehealth products, applications and digital web platforms.

What is Telehealth

Benefits to Organisations

  • Saves GP Practices and Hospitals resources as patients are remotely monitored
  • Enables clinicians to review trends in patients' health
  • Decline in patients' health can be identified and enables early intervention 
  • Clinicians can use their expertise with patients who need face-to-face care

Benefits for Patients

  • Patients can stay at home longer/leave hospital sooner as they can be monitored at home
  • Improves patients' health
  • Exacerbations can be reduced with early intervention
  • Patient becomes expert in their own disease
  • Gives people confidence to manage their own condition

What's included

Carehome Pod

Carehome Pod

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Health Check Pod

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Diabetes Monitor

Diabetes Monitor

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