Clinical Case Management

Case Management is designed to promote effective remote personalised care for home monitoring devices.

This ensures that telehealth is both cost-effective and extremely beneficial for those using the telehealth service.

About Clinical Case Management

Our team of specialist nurses and the commissioners respective pathways are integrated to ensure that the best possible patient centred care is delivered on a daily basis keeping the patient healthier for longer in their own home but also empowering them to understand their condition supporting a self-management strategy.

THSL clinicians use a specially designed software to keep track of their patient's progress and have protocols in place to keep local clinicians informed of their patient's progress. These associated protocols are designed to be integrated into the local pathways with a clear objective to assist the local clinicians to deliver care, to the right patient, at the right time and location, thus creating effective efficiencies to the local service.

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Benefits to Commissioner

  • Dedicate Specialist Nurses
  • Alerts cleared in 3 hours or other locally agreed KPI's
  • Regular reports on patient progress in line with agreed KPI's
  • Helps reduce clinicians workload locally
  • Reduces the number of unplanned GP visits
  • Reduces the number of GP Home visits
  • Reduces the number of visits to A&E and subsequent admissions
  • Reduces the number of required bed days
  • Cost-effective
  • Enables clinicians to focus their time on patients who need face-to-face appointment

Benefits for Patients

  • Patients become experts in their disease
  • Have security of having their results measured on a daily basis
  • Helps them stay healthier for longer
  • Build personal relationships with their telehealth nurse