The CareHomePod enables residents’ health to be monitored within a multi occupancy dwelling such as a care home or supported living environment.

Capable of being integrated with GP and Community clinical systems, it is a significantly enhanced means of enabling and supporting residents to reduce pressure on Primary, Community and Secondary Care.

About CareHomePod

The service is designed to monitor patients within a multi resident environment and to facilitate support staff to work with their local clinicians to provide remote clinical support including a video link for patient consultations when required.

Our service creates a detailed clinical summary for each resident during a bespoke registration process that provides GPss and other identified stakeholders access to a plethora of the resident’s health and well-being data including vital signs. This information is key to the early identification of developing clinical risk and enables GPs and Paramedics to make informed decisions about transfer to hospital of residents both in hours and out of hours.

Bespoke resident data can be sent to GPs directly and stored within the GP Practice Electronic Clinical Record thereby providing valuable information about trends in symptoms and signs.

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  • Multi-resident software with a resident registration process including the collection of vital sign base data
  • Bespoke data sent to GP practice or to triage service (or both) with integration into the patient management system if required
  • Includes range of medical devices including: Sphygmomanometer / Glucometer/ Blood Ketone Meter / Scales / Pulse Oximeter / Thermometer / Cholesterol check / INR Monitoring (July 17)
  • Bespoke protocols for COPD / CHF / Hypertension and Type 1 Diabetes


Easy to use

CareHomePod isan intuitive 10” touch-screen device with large text and graphic display. The optional audio feature can replay vocal clips to ensure that people with visual impairment or low literacy levels can still use the system.


Patients’ protocols are fully customisable by the clinicians and can be remotely updated at any time facilitating personalised care plans for multiple patients.


The web portal allows you to securely check and add records on a smart device wherever you are.

Easy to deploy

The CareHomePod can be deployed straight out of the box due to automatic pairing, registration and signal optimiser features. The CareHomePod uses wireless and Bluetooth technology allowing the unit to be moved at any time to accommodate different patients.


Educational resources can be available for patients via embedded videosor make use of video conferencing to provide classes for multiple patients.


No information is stored on the HomePod itself and data is securely transferred to a server behind the NHS N3 firewall.


Video conferencing now enables one-to-one teleconsultations.

PDF Storage

PDF storage on the tablet for patient Care Plans.

CareHomePod Schematic

Who Benefits?

  • Residents
  • Hospitals and Ambulance Service
  • Clinical Commissioning Groups and Local Authority
  • GP Practices and Community Staff
  • Care Home

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