Patient Feedback from Ayrshire Post

 Patient Feedback from Ayrshire Post

Innovation is at the heart of our processes and as such we love to hear our client’s feedback as part of our continuous improvement plan!

We are thrilled to have received feedback via the Ayrshire Post from Allan Hunter!

Allan Hunter is a one of the many patients who are using telehealth care provided through the NHS. Allan is absolutely delighted with our HomePod and talks about the freedom it has provided him with by massively reducing the number of times he needs to visit the hospital!

Allan stated "The HomePod has been absolutely brilliant. There is a feel good factor with it. When I see that my blood pressure is good everyday, that makes me feel better."

Ending the article, Allan finished “I recommend this to anybody. It is so easy to use and it gives you peace of mind knowing the nurses are only a phone call away!”

We are delighted to receive Allan’s positivity and look forward to receiving feedback from our other clients also.

If you would like to provide your own feedback then please email: 

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