Partnership with University of West of Scotland

Partnership with University of West of Scotland

University of the West of Scotland’s Enterprise & Employer Engagement and Telehealth Solutions Ltd have announced the signing of a license deal for a real-time diabetes monitoring platform.

This platform, designed to aid Healthcare Practitioners, captures patient data through monitoring usage of the platform and aims to alert early potential problems for type 1 diabetes sufferers and reduce hospitalisation.

Telehealth Solutions, Microtech Group and UWS

The real-time mobile app captures various readings such as blood-glucose levels, ketone, blood pressure and temperature, analyses the data for the patient, sends the data to a central server for more detailed analysis and provides critical communication between Healthcare Practitioners and patients. The platform includes a dashboard for monitoring patients with alerts to show potential problems.

Developed by Professor Thomas Connolly and his team at the University’s Scottish Centre for Enabling Technologies (SCET), this is the first stage in the collaboration with Telehealth Solutions, who are leading in the area of telehealth in the UK and beyond.

Telehealth Solutions Ltd (part of the Microtech Group) currently remotely manage in excess of 7000 patients across the UK and Europe who are connected to the THSL health platform. Timely clinical interventions are proven to be reducing the number of GP visits and unplanned visits to Accident and Emergency Departments as well as unplanned admissions for those patients. Telehealth Solutions plan to roll this out across the UK extending their services to Type 1 diabetic patients.


Chris McMail, Telehealth Solutions, Microtech Group


In order to formalise the working relationship between UWS and the Microtech Group, a Strategic Partnership has been established to enable both organisations to identify and collaborate on potential opportunities for engagement in the telehealth space.

Telehealth Solutions Ltd Managing Director Pete Kerly stated “We are extremely pleased to have forged this partnership with University of the West of Scotland as we see this long-term partnership being key to our development roadmap. We shall be utilising the valuable and amazing skill sets which will only enhance and extend our current in-house skills.”

Johnny Mone, Head of Enterprise and Employer Engagement, said: “We are delighted to be working with the Microtech Group and look forward to further discussing and developing business needs in conjunction with the expertise available at UWS.”

Professor Thomas Connolly added: “We have been working with the Microtech Group informally for some time now and have adapted our clinical decision support platform for diabetes based on the NICE (National Institute for Health and Care Excellence) guidelines for type 1 diabetes to fit Microtech’s delivery model. This is just the first of many innovations being developed within the department that are leading edge to help with patient management.”



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