Mobile Telehealth Kit Created For Use in Shipping Industry

Mobile Telehealth Kit Created For Use in Shipping Industry
Martek Marine Ltd are now offering the first complete on-board telehealth solution for the shipping industry thanks to Telehealth Solutions.
We've designed a Mobile Telehealth Kit for use on container ships around the world. The solution allows the nominated first aider on board to take vital signs of ill crew members and send them to our 24 hour clinical support team. The kit involves the use of monitoring devices with wireless sensors, such as a; blood pressure monitor; pulse oximeter; IR forehead thermometer; ECG monitor and a glucometer. It also includes a video link to clinicians based in the UK who are able to make informed judgements about a patient's health and their need for care.
According to a study by the International Maritime Health Association (IMHA) of 23,299 commercial ships with 420,000 crew members, one in five ships are forced to divert due to crew illness each year and the average cost per ship diversion is a staggering £139,000.
This innovative solution offers a new way to improve crew welfare and avoid unnecessary disruption and costs.
Telehealth Kit

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