SurgeryPod 2 Features in the Mail on Sunday

SurgeryPod 2 Features in the Mail on Sunday
Last week, our SurgeryPod 2 made it into the Mail on Sunday. The article is based around the future of healthcare and benefits of a "self-service" patient solution. 

Our SurgeryPod is a user friendly system designed to aid both patients and clinicians. By allowing patients to perform their own tests,  clinicians' valuable time is saved; increasing their focus on more complex issues and patient treatments.

Dr Alan McDevitt, chairman of the Scottish GP committee of the British Medical  Association, said: ‘The future will inevitably be about personal monitoring and  measurement taking – it is all about healthcare moving forward and patients being able to do things themselves without the GP’s or nurse’s help."

The protocols include: standard checks, heart rate, height/weight/BMI, and UTI assessments. 

By using the SurgeryPod, you clinicians are not only able to use time more effectively, but they can also gain the following benefits: 

  • Abnormal readings or responses trigger automated alerts via email
  • Customisable to clinical requirements
  • Reduced risk of data entry errors
  • Can review the data as soon as the patient submits their results
The full article is available here.

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