Lone Worker Alarm

MonitorGO is a personal alarm solution with a range of features never seen before in a single telecare device.

It allows older people to stay in their own homes for longer and retain their independence.

Stephen Bradbury has recorded the attached video, whereby he explains the remote button functions and his goal of being able to prevent falls from happening.

The video also refers to their work on fall prediction which led to the recent attainment of their award at the TSA conference for Driving Digital Innovation.

Stephen Bradbury, Managing Director of MonitorGo stated:

Following my experience with my own family members I wanted to create something that does not tie people to their home. My relatives prized their independence and I know that most people in their later years feel the same. My vision is that the MonitorGO® device will help to build your confidence and enable you to remain in your own home, leading your life as fully as possible.

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