Kokomo Partnership

Kokomo Partnership

Telehealth Solutions Ltd (part of the Microtech Group) are extremely pleased to announce a newly formed strategic partnership with ‘Kokomo’ to provide the widely acclaimed ‘Lively’ patient activity monitoring system.

The added level of patient monitoring from the ‘HomePodPlus’ solution will provide more comprehensive Health and Wellbeing data as well as vital sign data to ensure that the nurses providing clinical triage services can make  more informed decisions on the patients they monitor.

Dr Julian Neal, Medical Director for Telehealth Solutions said:

'I am delighted to announce the launch of our new "HomePodPlus" service, a fully integrated Health and Social Care Solution designed to provide a patient’s relevant stakeholders with a holistic view of their Health and Well-being, alerting them to any potential Health and Social Care Issues. Our HomepodPlus service combines a range of clinically led end-to-end Telehealth services for patients with Long Term Conditions (LTCs) with a comprehensive environmental sensor service that tracks and monitors an individual’s movement patterns, Activities of Daily Living (ADL) plus their medication compliance.'

'Elegant and discrete environmental sensors are strategically placed in a patient’s home and collect data continuously. Patents are also supplied with an easy-to-use stylish Safety Watch that offers 24/7 help with the push of a button. Our HomePod Plus service empowers self-management, ensures 24/7 peace of mind, provides opportunities for proactive medical and social intervention and thus reduces unplanned contacts with GPs in-hours and out-of-hours as well as reducing unscheduled admissions to hospital. It also provides a safe and secure environment into which patients may be discharged early.'

Pete Kerly Managing Director of THSL commented:

'I am very pleased and excited by this relationship and the extra care the service will deliver to our commissioners and patients alike. This service demonstrates our commitment to the market to deliver integrated, digital, health and social care driven solutions. I would like to thank Dr Malachy Rice for supporting this partnership and we look forward to a long and fruitful relationship.'

Dr Malachy Rice, Managing Director of Kokomo stated:

'We are delighted that Lively Home has be chosen as a technology partner  for the new HomePod Plus Service from Microtech. The new Service is an innovative combination of the benefits of Telecare , Telehealth and ADL Monitoring in a single Service. It brings a single TECS solution to the Integrated Care journey that Councils and  NHS organisations are embarked upon. The reduction in home care support hours it enables comes at a welcome moment for Commissioners who are trying to balance increased user demand, reduced staff and higher patient safety standards.'

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