HomePod - What are the benefits?

HomePod - What are the benefits?


Our HomePod device enables people to be monitored for health changes from where they live, making it possible for those with long term conditions to have less frequent unplanned contact with health services.




  • Can stay at home longer or leave hospital earlier as can still be monitored
  • Improves Patient health
  • Exacerbations can be reduced with early intervention
  • Gives patients confidence to control their own condition


  • Allows clinicians to review trends in patients’ health
  • Allows early intervention if required
  • Clinicians can use their expertise and time with patients who require face to face care.


  • Saves practices/hospitals money as patients don’t need attend/stay


What groups can use this?

HomePod is suitable for use in early discharge or virtual ward schemes, or for the delivery of rehabilitation programmes.

  • COPD • CHF • Diabetes • Oncology • Palliative Care • Mental Health • Pulmonary Rehab • Early Discharge


Easy to use

HomePod is an intuitive 10” touch-screen device with large text and graphic display. The device can be deployed straight out the box due to automatic pairing, registration and signal optimizer features. It uses Bluetooth technology allowing it to be used anywhere. The web portal allows you to securely check and access records on a smart device wherever you are. No information is stored on the HomePod and all data is securely transferred to a server behind the NHS N3 firewall. Secure video conferencing is available on the HomePod which enables one to one tele-consultations.

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