Mobile and Remote Working in the Community.

 Mobile and Remote Working in the Community.

Making nurses and clinical staff more mobile, has been a recent goal of many healthcare communities. Unfortunately making this transition isn't easy with the list of barriers including:

  • Resistance
  • Contracting mobile networks
  • Integration issues.

With statistics such as the majority of community nurses, spending less than half their time with patients, (Brian Hickey; TotalMobile) it is easy to understand how mobile working will benefit both nurses and patients. 

Mobile working is a tool which should be utilised by the nurses to improve the care of the patient. However there are more complications than simply issuing the technology, for example connectivity and inoperability. 

Health Policy Journalist, Daloni Carlisle has written a feature which looks at these barriers and the need for nurses to become mobile in more detail. 

Our Managing Director Pete, contributed to the article, explaining the distinction of telehealth and mobile working and the effects of inoperability.

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