Microtech Team Up with NHS Tayside to Release the 'CommunityPod' - A first of its kind in NHS Scotland

Microtech Team Up with NHS Tayside to Release the 'CommunityPod' - A first of its kind in NHS Scotland

With a population of around 3500, the village of Letham is situated on the East coast of Scotland around 17 miles from the city of Dundee.

With almost a third of residents over the age of sixty and the nearest GP Surgery approximately five miles away, the locals were keen to have their own surgery open in the village to make health care visits more accessible for residents.

After in-depth consideration, it was decided that having a GP Surgery within the village would not be viable and due to this, other options had to be considered. The Angus Health and Social Care Partnership were keen to assist the residents to develop an alternative model of care and learned about the products of Telehealth Solutions, a division of Microtech Group, including SurgeryPod.

SurgeryPod is a user-friendly system that allows patients to answer clinically led protocols including blood pressure and weight. The solution which was proposed and accepted was to adapt the SurgeryPod product into CommunityPod which would allow the local people to access this in a central hub location such as the local Community Centre.

The development of CommunityPod was the first of its kind and has been operating within Letham for over twelve months now. The system’s process is straight forward to use and features the names of all GP Surgeries nearby on the home screen. The patient then clicks their own practice, enters their details and is then able to proceed with using the features of the CommunityPod.

Along with being able to check blood pressure and weight, the Pod has also been developed to incorporate a falls protocol which asks the user two questions regarding any falls they may have had recently. If the user answers yes to any of the questions a message is highlighted on the screen to contact their GP Surgery to arrange a falls assessment.

The main benefit of CommunityPod is that the information provided by the user is automatically transferred to their GP Surgery, allowing any concerning results to be flagged and resolved promptly.

Speaking of the CommuityPod deployment, Lead Nurse of Angus Health and Social Care Partnership, Karen Fletcher said:

"Using volunteers to assist patients use the Pod initially allowed the people of Letham to undertake particular clinical assessments without having to travel to their GP surgery."

Sales Manager for Microtech Group, Scott McKie, added:

“It was important to us that the residents of Letham were given the correct solution that met all their needs and CommunityPod was the perfect fit. As a bespoke piece of technology, it empowers the user to manage their health and make the right choices accordingly whilst also bringing local communities together.”

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