About Us

Telehealth Solutions (Part of the Microtech Group of Companies) are passionate about driving integration across health and social care.

We believe technology enabled care services (TECs) are an integral part of this. We offer a range of clinically driven, integrated solutions, designed to help people remain safely in their homes, assisting them to proactively monitor and manage their own health, whilst reducing social isolation.

THSL - Healthcare Services

Delivered from out CQC approved clinical service centre by our team of THSL Specialist nurses who are focussed on supporting your local community nursing teams to deliver more.

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Effective Technology

The use of technology to support the provision of Telehealth and Telehealth is both effective and desirable to both the clinic and the patients.

Tailored & Patient Focused

To add real value it needs to be embedded into the local pathways enabling a high quality service that is holistic, patient - focused and tailored to meet individual need.

What our service includes

This service ensures high-quality patient care whilst saving local clinicians time by allowing patients to take greater control over their own health.

  • The HomePod device (via our Technological partner Samsung)
  • Assisting in the design of the patient recruitment criteria
  • Helping to select eligible patients to join the service
  • Arranging installation and training for the patients
  • Daily clinical monitoring
  • Removal and cleaning of the equipment
  • Asset Management
  • Designing of service bespoke protocols
  • Choice of ‘step down’ processes and solutions
  • Choice of medium to deploy the patient software (Tablet, Phone or Phablet)
  • Service bespoke KPI's
  • Project Evaluation

Benefits to the Commissioner

  • Saves money from unplanned admissions and appointments
  • Increased patient engagement and care plan adherence
  • Reduced re-admission rates
  • Reduced costs visiting patients
  • Reduced length of stay in hospital
  • Reduced use of GP time
  • Reduced out-patient costs
  • Increased operational effectiveness for primary and community care staff
  • Capacity to increase the number of patients per case manager

Benefits for Patients

  • Improved quality of life
  • Empowering patients to self-care through education
  • Can be treated at home
  • Reduced length of stay in hospital
  • Reduced unplanned visits to GP and hospitals
  • Access to all historical clinical data at all times for clinical reviews
  • Direct Access to our Clinicians